Dory 424

Timeless, classic design

Timeless, classic design.

The Orkney Dory really is a timeless classic. Now offered in three different versions Tender, Sport and Custom. Orkney Dorys are used by Harbour and River Authorities, Police, Rescue Organisations, Sailing Clubs and many other commercial users. Our wealth of experience in dealing with these applications ensure that our boats are tough, durable and supremely seaworthy.

LOA 14″ 4.24m
BEAM 5’11” 1.8m
HULL WEIGHT 556 lbs 252 kg
Max HP  Remote console steered – Maximum 50 hp long shaft outboard
Tiller steered – Maximum 20hp long shaft outboard
Design Speed Max design speed 28 knots / Optimum design speed 18 Knots
Performance Indicator 10 HP 9 Knots
25 HP 17 Knots
50 HP 28 Knots


Easy to tow, launch and recover

Great performance for watersports

Plenty of space on open plan deck

Low freeboard



The time proven Dory hull design is renowned for superior stability, outstanding handling and shallow draft combined with huge reserves of built in foam buoyancy for ultimate safety. Constant development over the years means that today’s models also feature more ‘V’ in the forward sections and ‘raked back’ sponsors for a smoother, drier ride.

Whether you are looking for a ski boat, work boat, rescue launch or a boat for just pure uncomplicated fun, the Orkney Dory will fit the bill to perfection.