Longliner 16

Excellent performance with small outboard

Excellent performance with small outboard

The renowned Longliner 16 design is a true classic, equally popular with those looking for a safe and fun family harbour launch as it is with those looking for a desirable and robust fishing boat.

Available with the option of both a folding spray dodger or a Fixed GRP cuddy, plus an easily adaptable layout with several optional seating configurations, the Longliner can be tailored to your exact requirements.

LOA 16″ 4.88m
BEAM 6″ 1.83m
HULL WEIGHT 600 lbs 270 kg
Max HP 

Maximum 25 hp – Long shaft
Tiller steer model available maximum 15hp Long shaft

Design Speed

Max design speed 22 knots / Optimum design speed 14 Knots

Performance Indicator 6 HP 8.5 Knots
15 HP 14 Knots
25 HP 22 Knots


Long keel for comfortable drifting

Economical to run

Easy to launch & recover

Easy towing behind small family car on un-braked trailer


With its relatively lightweight this 16 footer is economic to run and can quickly and simply launched and recovered on a multi roller trailer and towed behind a small family car.